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East Lansing Strip Mall:

OYK provided a complete ground-floor buildup
development, demolishing the preexisting building and
constructing a completely new structure. All tenants are
nationally recognized brands, requiring specific finishes
and OYK’s signature high-end look.
Sherwood Development Property:

This 10-acre lot in Oakland Township is set to be
converted from raw, undeveloped land to include state
of the art landscape facilities, a drive-through CVS out
lot, and a drive-through bank out lot.
Waterford Retail Development:

Now also featuring a Jimmy Johns, this building was
built from the ground up.  The development is
impeccable, featuring unique design and attractive

OYK has repeatedly provided
immaculate, detailed, and
stunning retail buildings for many
customers.  Whether it be
nationally-recognized brands built
to brand specifications or
brand-new startups looking for
something to set them apart, OYK
is able to build the perfect space
for any retail venture.
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